Charlemont Street Commercial

Mc Garrell Reilly


The commercial element of this mixed use development represents 40% of the overall floor area. The range of non-residential uses include, offices, retail, bar/café/ restaurant, and multiplex cinema which will bring the necessary activities to sustain a vibrant urban regeneration project.

The office component of the scheme is contained within the mixed use Blocks 1 and 2. Block 2 occupies a pivotal position between the busy Charlemont Street and the newly formed North Street which leads to the Central Square plaza. The ground floor contains office, restaurant and retail uses, an entrance lobby to the multiplex cinema complex and a grand Foyer which provides access to 3 reception areas for 3 separate office blocks.

The office space has been designed to maximise flexibility for possible future tenancies to cater for 1 large HQ Office building or 3 smaller Blocks of 50,000 sq. ft., sub divisible in to smaller plates of 10,000 sq. ft. The blocks are 6 storey with setback penthouse and with 15.0 metre wide floor plates around an open courtyard with an option to enclose the space to form an atrium.

The Charlemont St façade has a strong modular rhythm of structural bays with a vertical emphasis to acknowledge the traditional urban grain of the area while being expressed in a contemporary style.