Former Golf Course Lands Dun Laoghaire


New Residential development with Neighbourhood Centre on a key infill site in South Dublin on the former Golf Club lands in Dun Laoghaire. The northern half of the site is within walking distance (c. 1km) of Dun Laoghaire Town Centre.

The development is laid out in a series of interconnected perimeter blocks with pedestrian friendly, attractive and traffic calmed streetscapes. Accessibility, walkability and a high quality public domain are key urban design principles in the proposed development.

Two large multifunctional public parks are a key feature of the master plan. Facilities and amenities will include a lake, bowling club, sports areas and playgrounds all set in a high quality landscaped environment.

Phase I approved in 2008, Phase II in 2010. Social and Affordable Block completed in 2010.