MHC Solicitors


The project involved the fitting out and refurbishment of 700m2 of existing office space in a mid 19th century Warehouse building, a Protected Structure. 

The workplace strategy that we have developed with MHC is based on an open plan environment supplemented by a ratio of meeting / quiet rooms per person of 1;10 with a high standard of acoustic performance of 40 db to the room enclosure to ensure that staff in open plan areas are not affected by noise from conversation or conference calls in meeting rooms.

The works to the fabric of the Protected Structure consisted of the installation of a floating acoustic floor on anti vibration pads to eliminate impact sound transfer to the floor below and to provide a level floor finish due to the very uneven nature of the existing exposed timber floor.

In order to respect the existing industrial architecture of the Warehouse building and to maximize the floor to ceiling height in the space we decided to expose the high level M+E services. This required careful coordination of all services elements with acoustic panels to create a designed and ordered arrangement. The works also included new power and data cabling, secondary glazing to reduce air and noise infiltration through existing windows in west elevation and remedial works to external steps. As the minor upgrading works did not unduly impact on the original fabric or alter the character of the Protected Structure it was concluded that the alteration works could be undertaken without Planning Permission. All interventions to the ex fabric are fully reversible respecting established conservation principles.

In addition, due to the global nature of the clients operations video conferencing is a key communication tool with MHC global clients .This involved careful coordination with the design team and the clients IT representative and AV global service partner to integrate AV equipment in to the design of the rooms while also maintaining acoustic performance of the enclosing walls.

 Our Design approach was strongly advocated by the nature of the building where the existing fabric needed to be complimented with strategically placed services. As a base principle we provided a monotone finish and textured backdrop with splashes of colour being introduced by vibrant colour fabric acoustic panels mounted to core areas. Vibrant and acoustically treated break-out areas provide welcomed sanctuary with a complete break from the work zone with all the necessary services needed to conduct informal discussions or meetings. Within the staff canteen, the complimentary clash between new and old creates a space that is rich in character in an historic backdrop.